The Say Yes Sir Initiative is headed by a group of men and women from a widely diverse set of professional backgrounds who are passionate about racial reconciliation in America.  We are guided by a uniting faith in Jesus Christ and we draw upon that faith as we consider ways to promote healing and reconciliation within the community.

The Say Yes Sir Initiative is a 501c3, nonprofit organization.  We have three main functions:

  1. Filling educational gaps within the Black community, particularly regarding questions of Black identity,
  2. Debunking and/or correcting commonly unspoken myths, stigmas, and fallacies that plague the Black community today, and
  3. Funding community organizations that align with our mission and core values

More information on each function below.


We have witnessed, first-hand, how the people of the Black community in America have been destroyed for lack of knowledge.  In a general sense, Black people struggle to know who they are, how God relates to the Black community, and why Black America exists within God’s grand scheme.  For instance, if God is so good and worthy to be praised, then why would he allow slavery in the first place?  For that matter, why does he allow Black people in America to continue to suffer?  These are heavy yet essential questions to answer, and at SYS we don’t shy away from the challenge.

Debunk and Correct

There are also several myths, stigmas, and fallacies that must be addressed within the Black community and the church.  For instance, why is it ok to get a gym membership and work out every week, but it is seen as taboo to go and speak to a psychological therapist every month?   Why is the Black church struggling to deal with the topic of sexual relationships.  What’s really behind the predominating persona of the Black hoodlum that causes police officers to claim they “fear for their lives”?  Why do we still use the word “Indian” to describe Native American people, and why are schools still teaching that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America?  These and many more inconsistencies within American culture must be addressed and, at Say Yes Sir, we plan to have a good time doing it.

Community Grants

We are actively seeking to fund and support other organizations/groups in the community that have demonstrated a passion for community through engagement in activities that align with the SYS mission.  We work with all types of organizations in need of support from fledgling nonprofit organizations, to student activist groups, to church community outreach groups, to individuals with a talent or skill that can serve the mission.