Allen Woodward is an attorney who grew up on Long Island, New York. Throughout his life, Allen observed numerous instances of injustice towards African-Americans generally and African-American males specifically. Scared by the events of victims such as Yusef Hawkins, Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, and Paul Leach; Allen is passionate about finding justice for all man-kind and in particular, those who share a similar cultural experience. 

Allen’s interest in the Say Yes Sir Initiative began with a conversation regarding issues germane to the advancement of young African American males. Issues discussed included but were not limited to:  common misconceptions, a general acceptance of mediocrity, disparate treatment, police brutality, and inconsistent ecumenical leadership. The amalgamation of such issues, equip those in power to target and disenfranchise African Americans and place limitations on advancement.  

The Say Yes Sir Initiative takes the approach that reconciliation is a key to successfully overcoming the disparate treatment of African Americans. Placing an emphasis on the power and authority of Jesus Christ, the group directly engages sources of conflict with the confidence that God’s plan for African American excellence will manifest. Moreover, the Initiative uses that confidence to begin the discussion of reconciliation through activities such as: community engagement, educational initiatives, mentoring, psychological treatment. 

Believing that the goals of the Initiative are culturally aligned with the principals that guide him, Allen proudly serves as a member of the Say Yes Sir Initiative’s Board of Directors. Allen believes the wide-spread implementation of the organization’s philosophy can be a deterrent to discriminatory practices suffered by Hawkins and other victims of racial injustice.