Our Mission

To facilitate the healing of the Black community in preparation for racial reconciliation.

Who is SYS?

Say Yes Sir is a social justice ministry committed to racial reconciliation.  The thing that sets The Say Yes Sir Initiative (SYS) apart from other social justice initiatives is simply how we define justice.  At SYS we believe justice requires a primary focus on the restoration of relationships not punishment. In other words, justice is not served just because the punishment fits the crime.  Justice requires reconciliation.  This philosophy governs everything we do, every program we endorse, and every solution we propose to solve problems in the community, and we believe it is our key to success.

SYS Blog

About Reconciliation

  We previously established that there is no justice in the eyes of God without reconciliation in SYS Philosophy.  You can refer to criminals receiving due punishment for their crimes as retribution, revenge, karma, etc., but you can’t call it justice if the criminal is not redeemed from the demonizing label they have been given…

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SYS Philosophy

There is no real justice without reconciliation.  We know this sounds contrary to the common understanding of the word justice because in today’s world justice is measured by how well the punishment fits the crime.  Reconciliation hardly ever comes up when discussing justice, but over the course of this organization’s development we have come to…

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